Our Methodology

  • Life Cycle Updates
    Version updates are released continuously by the product support team leading to: • Improved gaming software reliability and stability • Improved performance • Improved features • 24x7 Support • Unlimited Access directly for you to our certified technicians and engineers – no waiting, down time or hair pulling!
  • Dedicated Project Managers
    We provide 24/7 Available dedicated Project Managers who have: Experience in problem-solving learnt from top consulting firms Significant hands-on experience of online gaming Extensive knowledge of the online gaming industry Strong reactivity and adaptability to new situations Analytical skills and tools allowing precise performance tracking
  • Risk Sharing
    With our global team of multifaceted professionals we provide you the necessary support whenever, wherever you need it. A flat monthly fee would be great for us but then we do not share in your risks, and you don’t save on anything. With a revenue share model we are equally responsible in your business venture to ensure profits, which means that our team puts in the extra effort to ensure that your gaming revenues increase over time and do not stagnate or drop. This Translates into more revenues for you, of course.

Our Clientele

  • Red Latina de Poker
    A cost effective solution for hosting with an appetite to scale up smoothly as the traffic on the poker network increases is our strength. We have built powerful agent systems which best suit the Latin American market. Add to it a user friendly Poker Client Software deployed via different channels viz. downloadable along with browser-based instant play and native applications for mobile, an ultra-stable platform with vivid graphics offering multi-currency and a poker network model supported so that player liquidity can be pooled by a number of customers. We have worked hard towards an objective that the Latin American market desires and deserves.
  • Spartanpoker
    Spartanpoker earlier worked on a software that is arguably among the world’s finest and foremost. However, there were several localization and customization issues that the provider was unable to resolve. Nor were there multiple channels of delivery like downloadable, instant play and mobile. Enter Cyber Gaming. Today we provide a customized, localized offering for Spartanpoker that runs on multiple channels and has made it the Premier Card room in Asia.
  • Pokerazul
    The founders of Tower Torneos in Latin America were earlier affiliated to the 888poker network, when they approached Cyber Gaming with the intention of creating their own customized and localized, multi-lingual poker network in Latin America. Today, Pokerazul is a premier card room and flagship of a poker network built and supported by Cyber Gaming for nearly two years now. Customized multi-lingual, multi-currency solutions were created, and features that were specific to the client’s requirements. Regular updates and upgrades to features constantly being done, too.
  • Starpoker
    Billed as the next-big thing in India, Starpoker is the latest addition to the Cyber Gaming portfolio. With their sights set on preferably the Asian and Latam markets, Cyber Gaming has consolidated immensely their vision for providing premier and innovative online gaming solutions for these markets with Starpoker. A lot of customization, unique artwork, unique builds and integrations make Starpoker not just a premier gaming destination but also proves convincingly the trust that clients place in the ability and innovation provided by Cyber Gaming.

Business Projections

Business Projections
Business Projections


Online Gaming Business Projections

Business projections for CyberGaming.co are never predictions as our years of experience in Online Poker, Online casino, Sports betting and other forms of online gaming involving skill and wagering have demonstrated consistent profits year on year for all our licensees. Thus we have a factual business projection plan and not a forecasting plan.

"Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015", reports that online gambling is steadily increasing globally. The revenue through online gambling which in 2010 was a whooping EUR 24bn has been estimated to cross EUR 34bn end of 2015. The trends have seen an upsurge with the mobile and tablets entering into the fray. Mobile gaming has thus taken the online poker, online casino, sports betting and fantasy sports by storm, surging the revenues of many operators. With people now wanting to play online poker and online casino on mobiles and tablets, CyberGaming.co provides customers with a host of online gaming options to choose from so as to start their online gaming business through these new channels. With CyberGaming.co, you get a complete package, thereby making it a one stop shop for its customers.

Online Gaming Business Projections – Online Poker

Online Real Money Players

The share of online poker has been growing with respect to overall online gambling. Online poker gaming revenues in 2010 was EUR 4.14bn ad now in 2015 it is estimated to cross EUR 6.8bn. Thus the global online poker contributes to 12% of total online gambling revenues.

Offline Casino Trends: Imagine the Possibilities Online

Casino gambling is a global business. Looking at how different offline jurisdictions have fared over the past ten years can well provide you an insight into where possibly the online casino gaming may be heading. Currently Macau is by far the world’s most lucrative gaming jurisdiction; in 2010, its 33 casinos took in more than twice the total revenue of every casino in the state of Nevada.

Gaming revenues data in eight offline gaming jurisdictions globally

Gross Rake

The online casino industry is more global and revenue streams far outweigh those offline. Plus there are multiple unexplored and untapped markets which will continue to provide players for years to come. With Deposit Bonuses ranging from the crazy to the ludicrous, an online casino will always give more than an offline casino and the player’s know this which makes online casino a real money spinner with superlative revenue projections.

Porter’s Forces and Online Gaming Business Projections

The online poker and casino industry is by far the most lucrative but has strong barriers to entry with large established players controlling significant market share hence if you are new to the world of online gaming, Cyber Gaming is the best business partner you can have. Our expert business analyst and support staff will help you enter the online poker and online casino business profitably and then see to it that you break even on your business venture quickly.

Gross Rake
Gross Rake

Established online gaming sites have a first mover advantage when it comes to player switching costs since it takes effort for the online players to transfer funds between sites. However this advantage can be significantly reduced by exploring new markets and utilizing non conventional marketing techniques – something which the Cyber Gaming Marketing team is an expert at.

The lack of differentiation in online gaming industry makes the threat of a substitute virtually nonexistent. Out product developers are at the fore front of online gaming technology which reflects in the continuous updates which we provide to our online gaming engine and poker and casino software products

Profits Continue To Grow

Even though entry costs may be significantly higher than other industries, the online gaming industry tends to give supernormal profits and CAGRs far exceeding any other investment opportunity out there. As the past decade has proved, online casino and online poker are able to weather the recessionary storm better than many other industries out there. Rather than just being a share holder why not become the majority stake holder in an enterprise which may well be the best investment you have ever made.