Our Methodology

  • Life Cycle Updates
    Version updates are released continuously by the product support team leading to: • Improved gaming software reliability and stability • Improved performance • Improved features • 24x7 Support • Unlimited Access directly for you to our certified technicians and engineers – no waiting, down time or hair pulling!
  • Dedicated Project Managers
    We provide 24/7 Available dedicated Project Managers who have: Experience in problem-solving learnt from top consulting firms Significant hands-on experience of online gaming Extensive knowledge of the online gaming industry Strong reactivity and adaptability to new situations Analytical skills and tools allowing precise performance tracking
  • Risk Sharing
    With our global team of multifaceted professionals we provide you the necessary support whenever, wherever you need it. A flat monthly fee would be great for us but then we do not share in your risks, and you don’t save on anything. With a revenue share model we are equally responsible in your business venture to ensure profits, which means that our team puts in the extra effort to ensure that your gaming revenues increase over time and do not stagnate or drop. This Translates into more revenues for you, of course.

Our Clientele

  • Red Latina de Poker
    A cost effective solution for hosting with an appetite to scale up smoothly as the traffic on the poker network increases is our strength. We have built powerful agent systems which best suit the Latin American market. Add to it a user friendly Poker Client Software deployed via different channels viz. downloadable along with browser-based instant play and native applications for mobile, an ultra-stable platform with vivid graphics offering multi-currency and a poker network model supported so that player liquidity can be pooled by a number of customers. We have worked hard towards an objective that the Latin American market desires and deserves.
  • Spartanpoker
    Spartanpoker earlier worked on a software that is arguably among the world’s finest and foremost. However, there were several localization and customization issues that the provider was unable to resolve. Nor were there multiple channels of delivery like downloadable, instant play and mobile. Enter Cyber Gaming. Today we provide a customized, localized offering for Spartanpoker that runs on multiple channels and has made it the Premier Card room in Asia.
  • Pokerazul
    The founders of Tower Torneos in Latin America were earlier affiliated to the 888poker network, when they approached Cyber Gaming with the intention of creating their own customized and localized, multi-lingual poker network in Latin America. Today, Pokerazul is a premier card room and flagship of a poker network built and supported by Cyber Gaming for nearly two years now. Customized multi-lingual, multi-currency solutions were created, and features that were specific to the client’s requirements. Regular updates and upgrades to features constantly being done, too.
  • Starpoker
    Billed as the next-big thing in India, Starpoker is the latest addition to the Cyber Gaming portfolio. With their sights set on preferably the Asian and Latam markets, Cyber Gaming has consolidated immensely their vision for providing premier and innovative online gaming solutions for these markets with Starpoker. A lot of customization, unique artwork, unique builds and integrations make Starpoker not just a premier gaming destination but also proves convincingly the trust that clients place in the ability and innovation provided by Cyber Gaming.

The Andromeda Platform©


The idea is to make available a one-stop shop with zillions of add-ons for a profitable experience. From the comfort of your home. The Cyber Gaming Andromeda Platform is among the primary cutting edge technologies in the world. The best part of any gaming software platform should be its variety and ability to be customizable as per client requirements. Cyber Gaming offers its clientele various solutions as per their requirements and budget, because of the versatility and scalability of this platform.

Here’s a Technology Synopsis:

  • The server side of the system is built upon Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform. The system core uses JINI technology, based on J2EE platform.
  • Flash client is based on Adobe Flash technology. Client communicates with main application server via XML protocol through HTTP/HTTPS and/or sockets.
  • C++ client is based on our rendering engine which uses OpenGL or Direct3D technologies. Client communicates with main application server via XML protocol through HTTP/HTTPS and/or sockets, including SSL sockets.
  • The mobile client is built on Adobe Air technology.

The comprehensive Back office of the system is built in .NET for some software, for others in the latest open source.
The Cyber Gaming System integrates realistic animation and graphics with smooth game play.

Architecture Overview



Three-layer architecture

  • Presentation layer ("LVS", "Tomcat" modules )
  • Business logic layer ("Accounting Service", "Cashier Service", "User Service", "Game Moderator Service" and "Game Service" modules)

• Data Storage layer ("DB" modules on the scheme)

The Back Office or Service Manager or Admin Software has the following features:



  • Player Management 
  • Account Management and Cashier
  • Payment Systems Integration 
  • Promotions 
  • Bonus Management
  • Games Management
  • Tournaments
  • Fraud and security 
  • Affiliate Management 
  • Agent Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools
  • Analytics
  • Jackpots
  • Remote System Integrations
  • Content management system
  • Player facing web site
  • Desktop poker client application
  • Mobile Poker client application for both android and iOS 
  • Instant play poker
  • Instant play Casino 
  • Service manager

We do not want to create a clutter of technology terms, so we’re keeping it simple and quite to the point. Let’s suffice it to say that whatever the latest technology demands, we have met them.